dimanche 26 juillet 2009

Modern Begging

The more I hack on libgpod, the more I realize that having iPod models from various generations would be really helpful. When implementing support for setting the iPod time, for parsing the iPod timezone, for figuring out which information is useful in SysInfoExtended, ... I always end up running after people with various iPod models to make sure the code works as expected both on new and old iPods.

I'm sure some of you have old iPods they no longer use hidden somewhere in their room, if you are in this situation, a donation would be really welcome and helpful :) Even iPods with dead batteries or broken screens might be useful.

And while I'm at it, it would also really really help if I could get my hands on an old iPod touch or iPhone. Because this is where most of the work is to be done today, and without one such device, I cannot test thoroughly and get into shape stuff like that.

So if you're feeling generous today and want to help support iPods on linux, drop me an email or leave a comment below!

3 commentaires:

Rufus a dit…

Hi there,

I've got a 3G iPod and a 1G iPod nano available to donate. Contact me at rvvs89 at ucc dot asn dot au and we can discuss shipping arrangements.



Andrew a dit…

I'm not willing to donate my iPhone 3GS per se, but am willing to donate my time to do whatever would help. Let me know what you need. I'm reasonably experienced with Banshee's internals, for one, so I know what kinds of things you're up against with iPods and iPhones.

రహ్మానుద్దీన్ షేక్ a dit…

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