jeudi 25 septembre 2008

Lutèce d'or

Yesterday, I attended the Cérémonie de remise des Lutèce d'Or (Lutèce d'Or awards). This is an annual event which is organised as part of Paris Capitale du libre (yeah, arrogant name, but we are French after all ;). This is a corporate event whose goal is to gather companies using free/open source software. The ceremony was great, free food in a really nice place except that I felt a bit out of place with my jeans and tshirts while everyone was wearing a suit ;)

But the most important (and most interesting) thing is that we (the GNOME project) won an award for the "Meilleure action communautaire menée" (best action led by the community) for the GNOME Outreach Program: Accessibility.

Getting this prize is really good since it give more exposure to our a11y efforts, even though now I really hate vuntz since he tricked me into going to this event instead of him and to go on stage to get the prize and say a few words with my tshirt (my best one!) in front of the suited audience. So no ice-cream for you Vincent!