mercredi 21 janvier 2009

First news of 2009 :)

New job

In my last post, I was looking for a job. The good news is that I started working at Mandriva 2 weeks ago. I'll be working on the core distro to (partially) replace pixel which means I'll hack on urpmi and bootloaders among tons of other things. Thanks to everyone who helped me with job opportunities!


After far too much time, we finally released libgpod 0.7. It contains tons of improvements, the most noticeable being support for the latest Nano and iPod Classic, but there were lots of other improvements: writing of compact artwork files making the iPod more responsive, chapter data support, better iPod model detection, updated python bindings, improved API documentation, ...

There aren't many changes in this release for iPhone/iPod Touch support. However, in addition to the great work from the iFuse team, marcan figured out how to add songs to a jailbroken iPhone using amarok/gtkpod/rhythmbox/. If you add to that the iPod Touch is on its way to being jailbroken, this means that people really insisting on buying those devices will at least be able to use them without iTunes.


FOSDEM is only a few weeks away now (7th and 8th of February), the GNOME and Freedesktop devrooms are booked and their schedule has been published. You should definitely plan a trip in Brussels if it's not done already :) And don't forget our group picture on Saturday if you are a GNOME hacker!

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Bonjour, ce serait top (pour ceux qui lisent par le planet ou le RSS) d'avoir des titres en h2.

Christophe a dit…

J'essaierai d'y penser la prochaine fois :) (en espérant que me laisse le faire)

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